SSC Venture Partners’ hands-on approach to growing the BC technology community grants unparalleled access to companies and deals.

Lux Labs develops advanced optical materials using cutting edge nanophotonics and polymer fabrication methods.

Geltor combines design, computation, and biology to build category-defining, performance-driven texture products.

Lynq provides global, real-time distance and direction location tracking even when cell phones fail.

Darkroom enables creators, from photographers to illustrators, to set up a shop in minutes.

CompuCog has revolutionized how football teams practice using a safer and more efficient virtual practice environment.

BusWays is a school security company  that lets parents track school buses and be notified when their child gets on and off transportation.

Wunderite is a data exchange bringing efficiency to the commercial insurance marketplace.

Fisherman automates website maintenance and digital presence management for small businesses and restaurants.

BRÜZD is a food waste solution that embraces the imperfections of bruised, cosmetically imperfect, and excess produce.

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