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Learnings from Alex LoVerde: Customer Perspective

What does an extra on The Wolf of Wall Street and an Emmy winner have in common? Well, they’re the same person! Alex LoVerde, CEO and co-founder of SyncOnSet kicked off the SSC Summer Accelerator with a lesson for our founders to capitalize on every chance they get to see their pain point through their customer’s eyes.

Alex reflected on the value of being an extra on the famous Jordan Belfort movie, recognizing that being granted a behind-the-scenes view of his target customers allowed him to witness his pain point in action and nail down exactly what the film industry needed most: quick and easy communication and accessibility across all departments of film production.

Dan Brett, co-founder of Markitplace, reported that “Alex’s founder story inspired me because it outlined that while the startup process can be messy at first, anyone can develop a successful platform so long as they constantly iterate and adapt with customer feedback.”

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