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Learnings from Miguel Galvez: Avoiding Burnout

NBD Nano CEO and SSCVP General Partner Miguel Galvez shared a few stories and experiences with this year’s accelerator class recently.  One of the bigger discussions of the evening revolved around how to deal with potential burnout as a founder.  Miguel shared his thoughts.

The lifestyle and personal life of a founder ultimately will be a key determinant in not only the success of the individual, but also his or her team.   For Miguel, he allows himself to enjoy his time away from work to avoid any sort of burnout.  He takes the time to recharge and operate at full capacity when he is at work. But if he’s needed at 2 am for a phone call or to be present at a meeting across the globe tomorrow — he’s there.

While Miguel and fellow SSCVP General Partner Tom Coburn disagree about the best way to balance work and life, they illustrate the key realization successful entrepreneurs come to: there is no ‘correct’ way to balance the entrepreneurs’ life.  Each person must be true to themselves, their stamina, and desire to make the most of opportunities outside of their company.

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