Aventure is on a mission to change the way you invest. We pioneer strategic bond investing, giving you smart and effortless access to bonds.

Shivansh Padhi

Shivansh is a full time student at Boston College studying finance, Econ, and math. Shiv is known for bringing his strong leadership skills, contagious ambition, and independence of thought to his team.

Maanas Peri

Maanas is a full time student entrepreneur at UMass Amherst, majoring in Computer Science. He's known for his warm personality, everlasting work ethic, and boundless creativity. With a full tech suite in his hands, Maanas is ready to catapult Aventure into the new decade.

Max Fisher

Max is a full time innovator at Boston College, majoring in Econ and Chinese, who is also a fantasy football wizard. Max is known for his practicality, thoughtfulness, and diligence.

Wall Street brought to Main Street

With as little as $5, you can invest in bond strategies backed by many wall street firms that match how you want to invest.

Commission Free Investing

Ensure that investing doesn’t eat away your profits.

Financial Literacy

The platform simplifies the financial markets helping you make smarter investment decisions through a recommendation engine and goal-oriented approach.